Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making on LinkedIn
image credit: Business Insider
LinkedIn isn't just a good resource for professionals. When used the right way, it can be a powerful tool for businesses, too -- and not just for recruiting, the way most managers think of using the site. Businesses that navigate LinkedIn properly engage customers, generate sales leads, and swap internal information among employees.

We got in touch with Krista Canfield, LinkedIn's senior manager of corporate communications. True, it's her job to get people to use LinkedIn, but we think she has a perspective worth sharing, since she trains companies on nontraditional uses of LinkedIn. She knows the platform like the back of her hand, having joined LinkedIn when it only had 18 million members and 200 people on staff (now it has 187 million members and 3,177 employees). Her team has also trained more than 13,000 journalists to better navigate LinkedIn.

Canfield told us the most common mistakes she sees businesses make on LinkedIn, and how all companies can use the professional social network better.


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