Monday, December 17, 2012

9 Fun Facebook Page Examples to Spark Your Creativity

social media toolsAre you looking for creative ways to engage your Facebook fans?
Do you need some fresh ways to infuse fun into the Facebook experience?
This article will examine nine Facebook pages that bring excitement to their Facebook pages.
My hope is you’ll find inspiration for your own page.
NOTE: Many of these Facebook apps are developed by a third party and have a standard look and functionality. Other Facebook apps can be used to create a custom tab, but can have some limitations on how the tab looks.

#1: Seasons 52: “Mini Indulgence” Quiz

Seasons 52 is a restaurant chain with signature desserts called the “Mini Indulgence.” The restaurant has developed an interactive quiz that asks you questions to determine “which Mini Indulgence dessert is you?”
The reason this works is because it asks personal questions about things you like to do and “matches” those things with the type of dessert. Yes it’s kind of silly, but people love quizzes about themselves.
indulgence quiz
Take the quiz to find out which dessert matches you.

Key Takeaway: Create a quiz that is all about your customers.

#2: Grey Poupon Society of Good Taste

This is another interactive app that requires fans to “Apply” to be a member of Grey Poupon’s inner circle. You can like the Page freely (no one can restrict that beyond age or country) but this is a step above.
This app uses your personal profile information (where you have checked in, where you went to school, what pictures you’ve been tagged in) and creates a little movie that the judges use to “review” your qualifications and decide if you are in or out of their Society. The interesting thing is that many people aren’t immediately approved and they have to apply again.
But it’s so much fun to see what the reviewers say about your Facebook activity that it makes you come back again, hoping next time you’ll “cut the mustard.”
grey poupon
You must apply to get into the Society.
grey poupon movie
See a "movie" made from your Facebook activity complete with commentary.
Key Takeaway: Create a fun way to use someone’s personal Facebook information.

#3: ABF U-Pack Moving: U-Pack-A-Cube

This Facebook app is an interactive game that requires you to pack the items coming off of a conveyor belt into the moving van. You get a score at the end based on how many things you packed and the difficulty of each item.
upack moving
Pack the van with boxes that come off of the conveyor and try to get a high score.
Key Takeaway: Create a fun game out of your product or service.

#4: Sierra Mist: Mixology

This app allows you to find drink recipes based on the occasion, ingredients or taste preferences. Fans can also submit their own recipes, which is a great way to get people involved.
sierra mist mixology
Find some delicious drink recipes or submit your own.
Key Takeaway: Provide value based around your product and involve your audience.

#5: Dove: Dove Insider

This Facebook app is not that complex, but there are a number of reasons why it works well. First, the name itself is intriguing because people want to get the “inside” scoop. It also highlights a different fan each month with a quote about feeling beautiful.
You also get access to a coupon and a contest. A Facebook app does not have to be that complicated. Just make sure your app delivers value.
dove insider
The Dove Insider includes a fan photo, coupon, contest and quiz.
Key Takeaway: Make your app about your fans.

#6: Ford Mustang: Customizer

The Customizer app allows fans to design their own Mustang from scratch. Then people can vote for designs they like and Ford even gives one of the designs away to a lucky winner each week. People get points for participating in the Customizer, which adds a gamification aspect to your marketing.
ford customizer
Customize your own Mustang and get points for participating.
Key Takeaway: Gamify your Facebook Page to keep people there.

#7: Gap: Pin to Win

Facebook contests are a great strategy to add life to your Facebook Page. What is great about this Pin to Win contest from the Gap is that it overlaps Facebook and Pinterest to give people a great way to browse merchandise on the Facebook Page and incorporates a Pinterest contest, which is so hot right now.
gap pin to win
You can use the Facebook app to pin and thereby enter the contest on Pinterest.
Key Takeaways: Cross-promote your social platforms creatively.

#8: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: In Your Facebook

This is another simple app, but it is all about the fans. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is crowdsourcing their content to involve the audience in finding funny posts.
ellen degeneres crowd sourcing
Ellen invites people to share funny posts.
Key Takeaway: Crowdsource your content.

#9: The Tooth Fairy Pillow: Find the Tooth Fairy

So far we’ve talked about large brands’ Facebook apps. Even if you are a smaller brand, you can get creative with your Facebook app. Think about what is going to be beneficial to your customer. The Tooth Fairy Pillow offers their fans something simple and easy to do, yet meaningful. The app itself doesn’t have to be overly complex.
tooth fairy pillow
Get a picture of the Tooth Fairy with your child in this simple app.
Key Takeaway: Make it meaningful.
Do you notice the trend in all of these apps? They are all designed to entertain, benefit or reward fans. That is what makes a good app. It’s not all about you; it’s about how you can help your fans. An app doesn’t have to be overly complex to achieve these goals.
How about you? Have you seen any interesting Facebook apps? Have your Facebook apps helped your business in some way? Let us know in the comments below!


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