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6 Social Media Tactics to Avoid

6 Social Media Tactics to Avoid

Note: This is a guest article by Marcela De Vivo. More details about her after the post.

Social media can be an extremely effective tool for driving traffic to a website and generating leads for a business. It’s just part of the way that people communicate today, so businesses of all sizes need to be aware and engaged with it, at least on some level.

There are some common mistakes and pitfalls that a lot of people make when leveraging social media platforms; however, mistakes we make with social media involve more than just a management tool. More than anything, these mistakes are ones of habit, therefore, it’s important to identify them and establish the correct habits moving forward.

Once you get to the point where you’re managing several different platforms, you need a way to collect data and keep everything in one spot.

So, your social media accounts can either work for you or sit idly by collecting dust and stagnant posts. One of the most common (and most easily solvable) mistakes that social media users make is avoiding to use an effective social media management platform, like HootSuite.

To prevent the latter, here are a few things to guard against while you navigate this topic.

1. Ignoring or avoiding negative feedback

Negative feedback can hit hard, but it’s a necessary part of building dialogue and relationships with the online community. For everyone who adores you, there will probably be a handful of people that hate your guts (or your product). Recognize that this is totally fine; as long as you’re dealing with polite and constructive criticism, allow it to stand and answer it if you’re able.

2. Auto-Posting Messages to Multiple Social Media Accounts

While this is convenient, it can seem very robotic and uninteresting after a while. Post to each account individually and take the time to actually craft a human-sounding update — not just a blind robotic link to a product or blog.

3. Unsolicited emails

A good rule to follow is that if someone doesn’t actually sign up for your newsletter, don’t start sending them emails. While mailing lists can be obtained by other methods, your conversation rate is going to be much lower with those people, simply because they have no idea who you are and have no interest in what you’re marketing.

Keep it simple, even if you have to live with a smaller mailing list. Ten faithful subscribers are better than 100 who don’t even know your name.

4. Too much take, not enough give

Social media is a give-and-take environment. If you expect people to like your posts, mention you on Twitter and engage with them, you need to do the same for them. The more you support others, the more likely they will support you.

5. Not personal enough

This is in the same line with avoiding robotic auto posts, but it does deserve its own category. Being personal online takes a lot of thought and work. Just be willing to take the time to actually talk to people and not just throw links and products in front of them.

People online are looking for something genuine, personable and useful. If you can provide them that, they’ll find your products and links without you having to constantly lob “hail mary” passes on your social media accounts.

6. Not Benchmarking or Tracking your Efforts

Recently I added a board to Pinterest. Shortly, while checking my social media dashboard, I noticed a massive spike in the number of followers. This led me to investigate, and I realized that people LOVED this board and I’d gained close to 2000 followers in less than 2 weeks as a result! This information gave me insights into my followers and helped me share more similar, relevant pins.

Setting up social media tracking dashboards on Cyfe is so quick and easy it’s almost criminal not to benchmark and track your efforts. It’s a great way to track all of your social efforts, including traffic and other analytics, in one place. Of course, make sure you keep an eye on actual traffic to your site from social media sites, using Google Analytics.

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Wrapping up: Personality and Consistency

If you’re able to stay personable and consistent with your online presence, social media accounts and platforms will do the work for you. Try not to worry too much about the details. If you can concentrate on your product and truly provide something useful, conversions will come with time.

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