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Who Is EyEGroupLb-Team

EyEGroupLb as a website designing company  based in Tyre, Lebanon that offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your web design and development needs.

Website Company Experience
The website developers at EyEGroupLb  Designs are all experienced professionals with years of web development experience.
Our graphic artists, online marketers, search engine optimization experts, and programmers all share the same common goal which is to satisfy the client producing the best possible product. As the world wide web continues to grow so does our CT website development company and Mn website development company.
Website development is one of the fastest growing industries around. If you rest or are not careful the technology will quickly pass you by. The developers at EyEGroupLb  Designs take pride in being the best of the best which is why we continue to learn all the new website development standards and technologies as they become available.

EyEGroupLb  Designs not only provides our website development services to direct clients, but we also produce work for other website development companies and interactive marketing agencies throughout Connecticut and Minnesota. Some of Connecticut's most respected website design companies outsource projects to EyEGroupLb Designs because of our professionalism and ability to produce a quality product within an acceptable time frame.

Website Company Pricing
At EyEGroupLb Designs we do not sell our web development, SEO or website design services as "packages". We do not believe in pre-made website packages because every website or online application needs to be approached on an individual basis. No two businesses are the same so why should two websites be the same? We have also found in the past that when you offer pre-packaged websites the client seldom ends up completely satisfied. Website packages create constraints that web developers are forced to work within. These constraints can limit the overall effectiveness of the website.

EyEGroupLb Designs approaches every project on an individual basis no matter how large or small. Over the years our web design company has refined our 5 step development process.

Project understanding: The first step in our 5 step process is the understanding phase. In the understanding phase, one of our managers and website developers will sit down with you and your representatives in an effort to fully understand your needs.
Establish The Website's Goals: Once we have an understanding of you and your business, we can then establish goals for your website. A website should never be built just to "have a website". Instead a website should be a marketing or sales tool developed with specific goals in mind. The goal can be as simple as providing information about your company to interested visitors or as complex as a web based company management system.
Website Design Stage: The website design stage is where our team of talented graphic artists create a couple of "mockup" images that represent what your website will look like upon completion. All mockup images are based on the goals and criteria established from the understanding and goals stages of the website development process.
Build State: Once you approve the look and overall content that your website will have, our web developers will begin transforming that image into a fully functional css based website. Every page we construct is CSS based W3C compliant.
Be Happy Stage: The 5th and final stage is pretty explanatory. This is the stage where you the client are happy with the finished project. Just because your website is complete does not mean that our web design company will not be in contact. EyEGroupLb Designs offers additional services like Search Engine Optimization to help your website accomplish the goals we established together in stage 2.
If you have any questions or would like more information then feel free to either browse through our website or contact our web design company via one of the different methods listed on our contact page.


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