Activity News

1-Trainging WorkShop About How Using Internet At Teaching Tools (Lebanon-South-Tyre City) Tyre National School                               

2-Training WorkShop About using Socail Netwotk as Teaching Tools ( (Lebanon-South-Tyre City) Lyecee Hanaway

3- Presentation About The Website To the Council Muncipilty al qulaylah and BorjAlshamaly - Itihad Alqalaa "Tebneen")

4- 3 WorkShop to the Muncipilty's of Itihad al qalaa"Tebneen"

5- Accomplishe 3 Public Workshop at Amjad institute "Tyre-south Lebanon" about the usefull of website as Media
6- Accomplishe 3 Training Work about How to Manage Website

7- WorkShop about to 25 Municipilty at Auce -Tyre Campus-
about the E-goverment and Effect of Socail Network

8-WorkShop about Planing to Website at Aynata(SouthLebanon)

9-WorkShop about Managing the Website of the Municipilty
at Chakara-Municipilty (South Lebanon)


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