Choosing the Right Social Media Tool

social media toolsSmall to large enterprises now make use of social media in one form or another. Whether you’re selling lunchroom tables or offering online seminars, you apparently need to engage your customers. As social media is essentially a set of communication and collaboration technologies, it provides the best means for this important aspect of business.
A Brief Outline of the Most Popular Tools
The question then is which social media tool is the right one. Take note that each is designed for a particular set of objectives and functions. Some are for a wide social networking purpose while others work for a specific niche. Some are applicable on a global scale while others are better suited for local areas. To give you a better idea of their distinct uses, here is a short rundown of the more popular tools used by businesses today.
Facebook – This is the largest social media network in the world with about 640 million members. The platform has always been meant for actual socializing although businesses can establish their presence there through features such as business pages.
Twitter – Categorized as micro-blogging, this tool allows you to send short messages (maximum of 140 characters) across your network. It is an effective means for immediate and simultaneous updates.
Foursquare – This is a location-based social networking platform, which is more effectively used through mobile devices. It uses game mechanics to encourage participation and may be used by establishments to gain loyal customers through reward-based promos.
LinkedIn – This social network platform is specifically business-oriented and designed for professionals. Users can post their Curriculum Vitae and organizations can publish their profiles. It’s primarily used for maintaining business contacts and often functions as a recruitment market.
YouTube – With a reported reach of 500 million users, this is recognized as the largest video sharing network on the web. Companies use this platform for viral ad campaigns and other promotional audio-visual presentations.
Google+ – This is the search engine company’s integration of its various social networking services. Among its various features, this platform enables users to place their contacts into groups and set up group video chats.
Factors to Consider
A basic factor to consider when choosing the right social media tool is the nature of your operations. If you’re a business-to-business (B2B) type of company, for example, you’ll likely have more success with LinkedIn than with Facebook. On the other hand, retailers with a brick-and-mortar store can certainly take advantage of Foursquare.
The kind of engagement you need to undertake is another point to consider. While most of these tools are good for promotional activities, they can also be used for other purposes. For example, some companies have adapted Twitter to run a customer service program while others use the mobile collaboration features of Google+ to make their sales team more effective on the field.
While the tools mentioned here are free to use, time and effort is still involved. Take the time to learn the detailed characteristics of each one to ensure their effective use in any of your campaigns. You don’t only have to use one or two exclusively. Sometimes a combined application may just be the right approach you need.


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